Sobri Demorn

Short, athleticly skinny, dark blue eyes, red hair, fiesty attitude


5’3" 80 lbs. Missing pinky finger from right hand. Exotic green tattoos on face (reminders of family).

Level 3

Awareness – 1
Brawn – 4
Charm – 0
Commitment – 1
Cunning – 0
Daring – 1

Wounds – 4


Burning Courage – Cannot be intimidated, +1 wound, -2 on crit rolls
Cosmic Majesty – +2 wounds, as a free action 1/round add Commitment & level together to intimidate
Awesome Font – generate pool of awesome points 1per level per round. After each round, unused APs are lost. Allies in your arena can us the APs, not yourself.

Code of Honor – Chivalry

Medium Armor (chain)

Attuned weapon – Flange Mace (heavy does 2 wounds) – as a free action can recall to hand regardless of where you are, counts as enchanted (able to strike incorporeal and protected targets)
Medieval flanged mace


Legendary Past – (Purity) According to a cult’s research Sobri is the descendant of the goddess’ tryst with a mortal. In order to re-consolidate the cosmic energy they need to hunt her down and ritualistically sacrifice her. Nothing personal.

Motive for Adventuring: She has a knack for using Ghim hammers and wants to learn their combat secrets. She must find a teacher.

Sobri Demorn

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