Races in Daggerford

While predominately human, the city does have a number of other races that live within its walls.

Ghim and Stonach
They have plied their trade rebuilding the city for many years. During this time the citizens ave come to understand the brusk attitudes of these people. Due to shortages in labor, there are those who have worked and trained with them. While they may never have the skills of these people, those who excel are grudgingly told that their work is adequate, which is high praise coming from them. Others of their kin visit from the underground Outpost of Illefarn.

Elves Fey, Nobles and Sylari
Few call the city home of Daggerford home, though some travel from The Laughing Wood and do trade within its walls. They too owe a debt to the city. They have aided in restoring the city and advising them on how to improve it. While some find the aloof, flighty or terribly naïve, citizens are polite and accepting because of the aid they provided after the earthquake and other disasters befell the city.

These good natured people are commonly seen within the city. Many live within the city or the outlying countryside either as farmers or other crafts. They have made a nitch for their unique goods and comforting ways. These good people have little social conflicts within the city and tend to make good neighbors.

A number of these curious individual have moved into the city after the earthquake. They have taken to working in the business district. They are an odd people who tend to make the average citizen uncomfortable, but they are hard working and are generally gainfully employed which help balance out their other oddities with the general populous.

After some disasters befell the city after the quake, a small number of goblins were allowed to take up residence within the sewers. This is their domain and they jealously guard it from those who would try to invade it. Some have taken up other trades in the city as well as they natural talents have allowed. While they are not widely accepted by everyone, they do protect the sewers fiercely and fulfill a purpose. Unfortunately they do suffer some social conflicts and are the butt of not a few jokes.

River traffic does bring the occasional Kiskov here a well. While they are mostly traders or caravan guards they obey the laws of Daggerford and are therefore welcome. Those that stay for a time tend to serve in manual labor and are received well.

Near Daggerford is The Black Mire, a swamp, which is home to the Iron Talons, a tribe of Shokoro who have claimed guardianship of it. Before the earthquake there was an uneasy truce between them and the city. Afterwards the tribe made the offer to help guard the river access into the city. There were incidents at first but the city eventually came to accept their reptile neighbors who have proved helpful. This is not without the occasional problem, but these stem mostly from travelers passing through the city rather than any of its inhabitants. While they are still not warmly greeted by most, they have managed to earn a grudging degree of respect for alerted the city to treats from the river and thwarted them. The Iron Talons rotate members of their tribe in and out of the watch. As time continues they have become adept at understanding the dry land society.

Cosmic Channelers
Those with divine blood running through their veins are rare indeed. They have been known to create a spectacle or two but as long as they follow the city rules and don’t make the local churches upset they are welcome.

Primordial Apes
These creatures are also rare. It is known in this part of the world that the Yan-ti created and used them as a slave race. They have showed up on occasion with caravans or traveling with adventuring parties. They are watched carefully but are allowed within the city.

The one race that only loosely “tolerated” are Orcs. The city has been raided by them one too many times to be forgiving and also their temperaments do not lend themselves easily to civilized society. Those that arrive in the city may be part of The Arena for a time or do mercenary work. Unless they have a sponsor or are exceedingly well behaved, they are encouraged to move on and find another place to live.

Those blessed by The Eldritch are more common in the outskirts of the kingdom than the interior. The Chiresque, Lupinesque, Ravenesque and Ursaesque are welcome within Daggerford. As with all other types of magic use within the city, as long as it does not disrupt the peace of the city these individuals are left to their own devices. There is rumor that there may be members of the duke’s court that are shifter of some sort.

Outsider Blooded
Entities from outside of the world have entered into and bred with humanity. Elementals, Angelic and Infernal beings have progeny which walk the land. At times their nature can be disruptive within a society. These beings may be citizens of the city but those whose heritage is of a darker nature are not encouraged to stay. Hunters have traveled through the city before looking for them. Religious sects sometimes searched for these individuals as well. Those who are half-outsider try who take care to not draw attention to their unusual natures may find living on the fringes profitable and safer than those who flaunt their abnormalities.

Races in Daggerford

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