Faith and Magic in Daggerford


Arcane Magic – Magic is not uncommon for Daggerford. A number of wizards and mages live within the city. One is a powerful wizard that has been given residence in one of the towers of the outer wall and serves as a defender of the city. It is rumored that The Duke’s sister is a arcane spellcaster of some sort. There are several illusionists within the city. They ply their trade especially during celebrations where they are paid by the city to put on shows for the people. Witches do not usually make their status known publicly as some religious groups are known to hunt them. If discovered they can be shunned or evicted from the city as their loyalties are always in question. Necromancers are not welcome and will be escorted from the city immediately if it is discovered. It is illegal to ply that trade within the walls of the city and both major religious denominations take offense at its use. In general the citizens have no issue against arcane types but assaults or crimes committed with magic will be punished sometimes more severely than those without magic because of the potential danger these individuals pose. So arcanists, consider yourself warned.

Divine Magic – The people of the city are also familiar with divine magic as well. The church of Solastian blesses Daggerford with light, warmth and fertile crops. The church of Soothotcha serve as healers and teachers of healing and herblore. The two faiths seem to work well together. The city has seen its share of cults and other sects attempting to subvert the faith and prayers of this outlying city. The citizens take a dim view of disturbing their way of life and have thrown these heretics out of town or in jail.

Nature Magic – With The Black Mire and the Laugh Woods so close, Daggerford sees its share of nature magic, elves, fey and all manner for Eldran. Some people accept them without issue, others do not trust these individuals who’s allegiance may be more to nature than to the city itself. Since the city has been rebuilt, efforts of the Elves, Stonach and Ghim have help to make the city less “human” in its consumption of resources and such. This has gone a long way in soothing the Eldran, but tensions rise from time to time and the city deals with it as best it can.

Faith and Magic in Daggerford

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