Character Creation Info

Starting Characters – Player notes

Players will have 15 APs to build their characters to begin with. This allows for those wanting to play dual templates to make it to 2nd level. This reflects that they have either traveled to the city or have some small experience within it.

Players may take the following for additional awesome points to start off with (not for leveling a character).

  • Adventuring Motive (3 AP)
  • Distinctive Gear (1 AP)
  • Alignment (1 AP)
  • Dark Secret (6 AP) or Legendary Past (3 AP) (one you’re running from, the other you’re running to)

Characters will assume to be from somewhere outside of Daggerford unless they take background that ties them to the city, ie. status, celebrity, family or contacts.

All characters will also be a member of the militia. If they choose to be full time it won’t cost them background but they will have room and board covered and receive 30 silver a month in general pay. Higher levels of status can be worked in easily as well.

There are minor changes or additions to the notes from The Breathing World & The World Between
For additional notes on game background and other modifications, please view the wiki.

01 – New Random Traits
02 – Legendary Past

For the Possessions option there are possibilities of having a runecraft item
Runecraft (Basic runes only)

Other options available not in the book…
Stonach and Ghim Occupational talents

Seasoned by Age

Character Creation Info

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