Loot from Snake Dungeon Part 2


Here is the loot from Snake Den part 2

Magical Stuffs:
1) Wand of Cleaning – Removes dirt, smell, grime, blood etc. from an area about 5ft x 5ft, or cleans a person/thing about the size of a horse. Infinite Uses. Focus Action?

2) Dual Matched Silver Dragon Rings – Two Silver rings that allow the wearers to communicate silently with each other. I was unclear if there was a range limit on these.

3) Pouch of Holding – Holds one load of stuff for free.

4) Stamp of Wizard Mark – Allows the user to place wizard marks (or their name in Serpentis if they aren’t a cool wizard). Good for making official looking documents or tracing a path through a dungeon.

5) Lightning Rod – Metal rod with ball end, counts as a hand weapon. Infused with lightning magic. Attacks with this weapon do an additional wound of lightning damage at will.

6) Crystal Ball containing some kind of Fey – Seems to be a faerie trapped or bound within an orb of crystal. Has arcane writing on it, probably the spell of binding. Can be studied to release the faerie. Valefar is interested in trying to free the faerie in exchange for some kind of boon or service.

Non-Magical Loot and Monies.

1) 700 silver in straight up coins. (500 is in the pouch of holding).
2) Jewelry – Necklace and earrings set. (75 silver)
3) Jewelry – Set of ivory combs. (50s)
4) Weapon – Masterwork hand axe, well balanced for throwing. Termach
5) Misc – Silver tray and goblet set. (200s)
6) Books – Four loads of books written in the serpentis language. Worth at least 300s, maybe more to a collector.
7) Lots of alchemical equipment (8 loads). Valefar is interested in establishing a lab.

Also everyone who went into the dungeon received a writ from the Sun Clerics for 500s.


Loot from Snake Dungeon Part 2

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