Elemental Warmage


Level 12
Template – Mage
Age: 17; Height 5’8"; Weight 120lbs
Languages: Common (Literate); Vermillion Scrawl; Serpentis (Read Only)
Wounds: 2
Contacts: Temple of the Sun 1
Contacts: Scriptorium 1

Awareness 5
Brawn 2
Commitment 5
Charm 1

1) Mental Spell Construction (Requisite for elemental warmagic)
1) Craft Staff (Elemental Warmagic)
2) Book of Power: Elemental Grimorie
3) Elemental Immunity (Elemental Warmagic)
4) Read Magic (Mage)
5) Detect Magic (Mage) (Upgrade to Arena)
6) Mystic Attack (MAge) (Upgrade to constant)
7) Knockout (Mage Spell)
8) Ignore Limits (Commitment)
9) Arcane Protection (Mage)

Azure Robes
Book of 5 Spells – Control Portal, Mystic Language, Invisibility, Identify, Knockout
Elemental Grimorie

Nice Stonecarved Chess Set
Master crafted Yuan’ti tattoo on right wrist
Leather bracer to cover right wrist


Valefar is fond of rain and storms, fine teas, excellent smoke, reading obscure history, long quiet walks during the freezing winter, and randomly screaming the future at people. He’s young and graceful but already showing a touch of grey in his black hair and finely groomed beard.

After learning the elements, Valefar had a dream of big tree and traveled south. He discovered a mighty white oak during an ice storm and as he approached a limb snapped off and fell at his feet. He took up this branch and spent the next seven days and nights in deep arcane meditation. He emerged with a simple gnarled staff that is bitterly cold to the touch. Continuing south, he ended up settling in the nearby town of Daggerford.

Valefar has arcane runes inscribed on the bones of his left hand. The process cost him his left ring finger which he is missing. His back is hideously whip-scarred. Whispers of the Gods enter his mind randomly.


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