Termach of Daggerford

Tall, hulking fellow with a big nose.


Huge and a bit pudgy with loads of muscle (240 lbs, 6’6).38 years old, very attentive, tends to squint a lot. Has a big nose. Pale tousled hair. He has a southern drawl. (Lots of places have a ‘south’.)

Level 16.

-2 Awareness
+8 Brawn
00 Charm
+6 Commitment
00 Cunning
00 Daring

5 Wounds [1 + 2 (combat toughened) +2 (healthy)]

1. Chosen of Soothotcha.
2. Doctor, Occupational. (No attribute.)

Code of Honor: 2 (Precepts of Soothotcha)

  • Let no wound fester. Heal or slay.
  • Remember that punishment belongs to the gods, not mortals.
  • Accept no reward that belongs to Soothotcha.

Adventure 1: “Prisoner Transfer Part One”

Level 3: “Protection” (Soothatchan talent) and skill as a tattoo artist.
Level 4: “Lore” (Divine Servant talent) +1 Brawn.
Level 5: “Relief” (Soothatchan talent) and +1 Commitment.
Level 6: “Inflict” (Soothatchan talent) and +1 Commitment.
Level 7: “Healing” (Soothatchan talent) and +1 Commitment.

Adventure 2: “Prisoner Transfer Part Two”

Level 8: “Combat Toughened” (Fighter talent) and +1 Brawn.
Level 9: “Healing” upgrade—move action, and +1 Brawn.
Level 10: "Reinforce Symbol (cleric talent) and +1 Commitment.

Adventure 3: “Into the Snake Den”

No levels gained.

Adventure 4: “Bowl of Sunshine”

Level 11: “Animate Prosthetic” (Soothatchan talent)
Level 12: “Blessing” (cleric talent)
Level 13: “Healthy” (master talent)
Level 14: “Empowerment” (cleric talent)
Level 15: “Inspire the Faithful” (cleric talent) [all 10 Cleric/Soothatchan talents!]
Level 16: Solastian Contact 1


Birth year: 11274(38)

I have dreamed a summoner will conjure the end of the world soon. I must stop it.

A splinter cult of Solastian researched my bloodline to find me, because they believe a mortal trysted with an avatar of Solastian centuries ago. They want to sacrifice me, distilling any cosmic essence still in my spirit to bolster their god. Nothing personal. I want to work with the local Solastians to suppress the heretical split—enlightened self-interest.

He has a pair of exotic brown leather gloves embroidered with sigils of Solastian. The sigils belong to the splinter cult that is hunting him, and he uses the gloves (stripped from his last attacker) to show the local Solastian cult what he’s up against.

Possessions: Masterwork spiked gauntlets, horse caltrops adapted to also be thrown weapons, orb of continual light, 250 silver.


Termach of Daggerford

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