Sherlen Thales - Militia leader

Tough as nails leader of the Daggerford Militia


Sherlen is a blunt matter of fact warrior in charge of the Daggerford militia. She has little time for nicities and had to play hardball in doing what is traditionally a man’s job. She has fought to keep the militia relevant in the city’s changing landscape as well as struggling with it’s authority and position not being aborbed by the duke’s military.

She has little patients for politics or as she sees them, useless people. Her job is to make sure the citizens of the city can protect themselves if they come under attack and help to keep the order in the town.

She is known to take promising female warriors under her protection to help give them the edge they need to make a name for themselves. Beyond being a warrior she is a highly skill two weapon fighter preferring duelist weapons. While gruff she is protective of those in the militia that perform well and show promising talent.

She works closely wiht Lorocc Roden. He is her support and the buffer between others and her rough personality.


Sherlen Thales - Militia leader

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