Noth Aku

Trim giant Kiskov, covered by weird hair designs and multiple tattoos and piercings


Speaks Kiskov, Common & Vermillion Scrawl, is also literate in Common. Is 8’-2" tall but only around 500lbs. Trim build, white fur (unusual for a Kiskov), also has mulitple piercings & tattoos.

Awareness – 2
Brawn – 1
Charm – 1
Commitment – 1
Cunning – (-2)
Daring – 3

Is studying to become a wizard in the Migric school, has a grimore and magic ring.


He comes from the Empire of the Isles, far away to the West, across the ocean. He’s been traveling for several years, from his homeland. He has settled here for now, offering his services to the militia as he tries to resume his magical training. He doesn’t talk much about his past, but he does not feel comfortable in places of worship and is somewhat gruff until he gets to know you. There is something of a hunted look about him, as if he’s always looking over his shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Noth Aku

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