Male, human, blond hair blue eyes, age ~24~


Template: Divine Servant- Aretechya
Level: 2

Wounds: 2

Awareness: 0
Brawn: 2
Charm: 3
Commitment: 4
Cunning: -2
Daring: -2

divine servant required level 1: Aretechya as goddess

Age Mastery (Aretechya)

Izan’s Mace: a sturdy scepter mace (the favored weapon of Aretechya), a hour glass charm hangs from a chain at the back end of the handle. (heavy weapon)

medium armor


Izan is a very like able 24 year old. He wandered into Daggerford some months back without much of an explanation of where he came from except East. Without much coin he found himself quickly pressed into the service of the local militia.

His only possession is a large mace with a hour glass charm hanging from the handle, if questioned about it he quickly becomes defensive and states that it was inherited. Through friendly conversation he will reveal that he is a servant of Aretchya though he is not outwardly aggressive about his faith.

Although Izan serves a different god than the local favorites, Aretchya’s favor of law and order gain Izan no ill will, so long as he keeps his religion to himself.

Izan took quickly to the life of a soldier and serves willingly alongside his comrades.


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