Daggerford - The Breathing World

Snake Den Part 2

While spending the night on the boat, the group found out that the nearby woods were haunted, so they decided to leave Noth, Sobri, and Myasma behind to ensure their transportation stayed safe.

Cave Story
Valefar, Termach, and Izan ventured back into the snakey temple. They headed towards the broken wall past the summoning chamber and discovered a small cave system. A pool of water stood before them and trembled menacingly as the group approached. Termach bravely took a step into the water when a mighty pissed-off water elemental attacked. Termach parried a mighty hit, but felt his precious fluids being drawn away. Valefar cast an ice sorcery, freezing the elemental and just enough of the water to allow Termach to explore the other side of the water, but found nothing but dried out bones.

The three pushed on down the tunnels to discover a strange fungal tree swarming with scarab beetles. Wisely avoiding attention, the group sneaked past the bugs into a chamber littered with loose rock. A snarling wyvern burst forth to repel the invaders and lashed at Termach with a pointy tail. Termach responded by hurling a pointy caltrop at the beast, giving Valefar enough time to explode it into crispy wyvern bites. Towards the back, the group found a tidy haul of silver coins and a mace that resonated similar magic energy as the dissapating lightning behind them.

The group moved towards the final branch of the cave, when Myasma appeared. Ready for murder she rejoined the group. The final cave was strangely unspoiled by the nearby beetle colony and radiated a faint divine energy. An armored fallen warrior kneeled in the central chamber, his body pierced by spears long ago. Termach recognized the holy symbol of the Civilized God upon the knight’s mace and the group gathered some nearby stones and entombed the warrior in a cairn.

It’s Science
The party returned to the temple proper and continued on finding a chamber filled with alchemy equipment and four menacing looking brass golems. As they entered the room the golems awakened and appeared hostile. Valefar smashed a golem with magic and was suprised to find the construct exploded violently upon death.

The remaining golems moved forward and engaged the group. Termach and Myasma engaged the brutes in melee while Izan assissted by warping the flow of time to enhance their speed. Valefar discovered that the room was protected by a counter-spell effect and was unable to bypass the effect to assist with magic.

Two of the golems went down, until the firey explosions overcame Termach and he went down. Myasma quickly tended to his wounds, but Termach was a tough guy and not quite as badly hurt as he appeared. The final golem was destroyed, and the group set about examining the room which appeared to be a lab. Valefar mused that taking some alchemy equipment might be a good investment, and Termach suggested they could spend a few minutes loading up and hauling out everything that wasn’t destroyed. They did.

A strangely bowed and battered door in the corner of the room drew the groups attention. Termach mightily heaved it open where they discovered a ruined room. It appeared that some large creature was perhaps summoned here and smashed its way out of the complex through the cave system. A few glinting objects caught Myasma’s eye and she quickly searched through the rubble of the room to find a few surviving magical objects.

Moving on
At this point the group had explored every hallway and room that was immediately obvious, but it was clear there was still more to this temple. After searching around a bit, Valefar remembered Noth mentioning a magical door in the dining room. Bypassing the secret, they stubled across a kitchen with yet another exit into an unfisihed cave section. Moving into the cave, a couple of little globes of light popped out of a hole and engaged the group with weak mystic attacks. Myasma quickly destroyed them. Valefar believed this could be a wizard training room. The group realized the artifact was unlikely to be here so returned to the complex.

Pushing on they discovered an armory of rusted and useless equipment. Afterwords, they broke into a room that was unusually well maintained and seemed to be untouched by the decay of time that contained many books written in the serpent’s language. Deciding to leave it for now, the group moved into a long hallway. The wall motif’s were becoming more ornate at this point, depicting humans, elves and other lesser races happily serving their yuan’ti masters.

At the end of the hall was a strange reddish elemental creature that charged towards them. Termach found that while its attacks were weak, it seemed to degrade his armor. Myasma’s supernatural connection to her daggers protected them from harm, so she quickly wrecked the rust elemental before it could lay it’s corrosive touch on the group’s gear. Opening the door they were greeted by a bright light and another intricately constructed chamber.

Entering the chamber, they quickly noticed the pure golden chalice sitting upon a dias in the center of the room. Obviously the artifact they had come seeking. Behind the cup, a lone yuan’ti awoke from his meditation and snarled some curses at the group. Briefly taken aback by this old creature’s fearsome power, the group quickly regained their senses and engaged.

The yuan’ti employed some accelerated sorcery to summon a horde of tiny biting snakes and some proper guard-snakes to assist him. Myasma rushed the leader to stab him, while Izan attempted to trap the boss out of time, to let the group deal with the summoned minions. Izan channeled the power of his God into the spell and engaged the boss in a fierce battle of wills. Valefar channeled a sleeping spell at the arena, knocking out the tiny snakes, while Termach tried to keep the larger snake-men busy.

As the boss was distracted by battling with Izan, Myasma tried to stab through the mighy forces holding the yuan’ti out of time. She was successful, and by the time the boss defeated the power of Izan, he was riddled with stab wounds. As the yuan’ti attempted a final casting, Myasma flourished her magical daggers and cut him down. The summoned creatures vanished as the power binding them faded away. Victory!

The huge golden chalice seemed to be filled with liquid sunlight and radiated vast amounts of power. Luckily the cup had a stone lid, for easy transportation and no spills. Although extremely heavy, Termach managed to haul the prize out of the complex. The item was connected to the enchantments of the temple because the magical screens and dwemers of the place began fading when the cup was removed.

The group packed up and floated back to Daggerford. Termach wisely procured a wagon and some straw to hide the artifact as they wheeled it into the temple of the sun. Their contact was thrilled the group had been successful and rewarded them with writs of money and possibly additional favors and assistance.



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