Daggerford - The Breathing World

Prisoner Transfer Part 2

We control all the violence.

Readying for Departure

Termach prepared the 13 prisoners for transfer under Miasma’s watchful eye, with Izan as backup. As he commandeered the wine merchant’s wagon, the wine merchant (Rolthus Gauge) objected strenuously and set his 4 armed guards to defend the wagon. Termach and Izan beat them up with fists, leaving them sprawled and battered and taking the wagon anyway.

They had been sent to get the Chosen of Solastian (Larzun) and Lyle Benedict, and they had that pair, but Termach was not about to leave the rest of the prisoners on this compromised site. He planned to take them back to Daggerford, to be put in other prisons or released if the law decided they had been wrongfully imprisoned.

Termach got a coded ledger from Miasma, and planned to turn that over to the authorities in Daggerford (along with the contents of the safe and any other geegaws that seemed to warrant it.)

Oben Rellus was the son-in-law of the warden, and the warden locked him up. He insisted he was to take command now, as he inherited the site. Termach pointed out he was not going to leave someone who was in a cell in charge of the prison site, and that he would be able to talk to the law in Daggerford and get things straightened out—but not here and now. Larzun, Chosen of Solastian, was surprised by Termach’s inflexibility.

Still, the prisoners were stuffed into the coach and the wagon, and the caravan lurched away into the gathering dusk, traveling a couple hours before making camp.

The Escape

On the trip, Werton Sape and Setheryn Wisk (or something like that) escaped and Noth and Sobri were sent to track them down and return them to Daggerford.

Cyclarian Assault

A crazy Cyclarian woman (Seline, Daughter of Cyclaria) and her zealot man and a handful of toughs confronted the camp in the night, demanding the Chosen of Solastian be remanded to her custody. Termach and Izan stood their ground; while Izan slowed her dramatically, Termach hewed down her zealot. Some of the toughs tried to escape with the woman, but Izan helped speed Termach until he could confront them. The intimidated toughs put up a fight and desperately tried to escape with their leader, but they were foiled. They ran off.

Termach chopped the crazy woman in half, pulled her over with the other dead man, and supervised a pyre burning them down to bones and ash.

Back to Daggerford

The militia had mixed feelings about their return. The outcome of the mission led to bad blood with nobles, but the Solastian temple was pleased by the outcome.

The wizards of Daggerford noted that the rain that settled over the city was not natural, and it could lead to flooding. While they worked to disperse it, the militia assisted with filling sandbags, shoring up low points, managing refugees, and so forth.

To Bowshot

Izan and Termach were asked to go to Liam’s Hold and Bowshot to check the road and bridges, see how things were holding up. Also, to take a box to Feldar Aywin, a trader with the Red Wheel Trading Company that dealt in spices, special requests, and some luxury items. He was a big deal in Bowshot, and could be found there.

They traveled to Liam’s Hold, and from there they encountered a group of leper pilgrams to a Soothotchan holy site in Daggerford. Termach tried unsuccessfully to cleanse their condition. They continued on to Bowshot and arrived as darkness was falling.

The Rescue

Aywin was a leader in Bowshot, and they met him in a back room like a town council chamber in the inn. He explained bandits attacked four days ago, taking his 10 year old daughter Gretchen and her nursemaid. The cargo Izan and Termach brought was gems to pay the ransom—if necessary.

A guide took Termach and Izan out to the site of the battle, and tracked the raiders back to their camp, avoiding punji stick boobytraps along the way.

Izan and Termach crept in close, and Izan tugged three of the guards out of the timestream so Termach could slip in close and cut the bonds on the nursemaid and little girl. As they were escaping, the alarm was raised in the bandit camp, so it turned into a chase through the woods.

Izan noticed something was different about the nursemaid, she could see and move too well in the dark forest. After a brief confrontation revealed nothing more, they continued to the guide, and out to the road for the horses.

As the nursemaid rode on the horse mounted right in front of Izan, he used divine energy to probe at her to explore her too-perfect symmetry, and saw she was a doppleganger. He caught her out of time and rode the horse through her intangible form, bringing her back into the time stream so Termach’s blow could cut her in half. They bagged the pieces and presented them to Aywin upon their return, confirming that the girl was what she appeared to be.

They returned to Daggerford with the satisfaction of a job well done.



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