Daggerford - The Breathing World

Prisoner Transfer

Why can't it ever go smooth?

(Feel free to edit this, as I don’t have every detail and I’m making this as a player.)

The Mission

On a lovely spring day, Lorocc came over to where militiamen were having supper, and tersely told them to come along to receive orders for a mission. Izan, Myasma, Sobri, and Termach answered the call.

They went to meet Schick, a nobleman from Stonehaven in charge of the prison near the Daggerford castle. He gave the militia sealed orders and a sack of gold to go effect a prisoner transfer from a prison vinyard. (He also refused to share the special wine he was going on about from that very vinyard, which didn’t seem very hospitable.)

The militia commandeered a coach, horses for everyone, and another militiaman Jimmy, son of Oll, who had orange hair and freckles (and knew how to drive the coach.) Also, horse caltrops.

The Long Road

It took four days to get there. The first night was camping at a campsite, the second was a coaching inn, the third another campsite (and a brush with escaping spiders on the road) and then the prison itself.

The prison was run-down and shady, but jailors are seldom inspired to the heights of personal hygiene or high morale. Another authority figure that refused to share the wine, then the militia headed for the depths.

The group was split three ways by now; Myasma and Jimmy with the horses, Sobri and Izan at the top of the lift, and Noth and Termach headed down to the depths to retrieve the two prisoners.

The Inevitable Deterioration of the Situation

Termach noted with satisfaction that there were many bottles of the special wine down below. He and Noth went to collect the prisoners, noting the glowing orbs set in the wall for light. Tossing the desk, they found two healing potions and (something else.)

They quickly discovered things had gone wrong down below as they were attacked by crazed and dying prisoners that Termach hewed down without hesitation (one was already disemboweled, it seemed a mercy.)

Rather than sussing out the details with just two of them, they returned to the surface. However, the elevator was not working, and Mr. Fine (the guard that led them to the elevator) fled and locked the door.

Undeterred, Termach bent the bars on the roof of the elevator cage, and climbed out carrying the weedy kiskov. Then he battered down the door. Sobri and Noth chased Mr. Fine down while Termach and Izan hauled the elevator back up so nothing else could climb out. (The buddy system was very much in place.) Noth bound the terrified lackey in crimson magics, and he sang like a canary.

Mr. Fine turned out to be a prisoner, he explained they had a breakout and locked up the prison guards with the plan of doing a little business with the wine before making their escape. But something went wrong down below. Something went wrong two weeks ago. And the fat guy hanging out with the warden was a wine merchant, one that the prisoners hoped to do business with to make some cash to ease their eventual escape.

Meanwhile, the “warden” and his best thug went after Jimmy and Maya, and she knifed the warden down and rode down the feeble escape attempt of the tough guy, slashing him to death. The warden was stabilized for questioning and whatever else seemed appropriate.

The sealed instructions from the warden indicated that they were to retrieve the Chosen of Solastian, a wanderer who spoke truth and prophecy to power and was therefore imprisoned, and Lyle Benedict.

Back to the Deeps

The militia left Myasma with Jimmy and the horses and the prisoners, then headed back down to the deeps. Termach lowered the bent cage, then climbed down the chain to join them.

They found a prisoner whose legs had been amputated; he was trying to escape by letting them get gangrenous, but since he was to be executed, they were cut off instead. Termach healed him and eased his pain (though he did not regrow his legs) and his cell was a focal point. They found another lucid prisoner, and an imprisoned surgeon (who did the amputating) and armed them, charging them with mutual protection.

They also saw a foot-high creature that seemed somehow associated with the dismal despair and deteriorating sanity in the prison, and as Izan slowed time around the critter Termach pulped it. They were on the lookout for more half-pint monsters.

Termach prayed to infuse his holy weapon to search for other holy power, and they followed it to a cage with the Chosen of Solastian in it. Termach recharged his divine energy, and they pursued the source of the contagion in the prison.

Past chanting prisoners (“Big boys don’t cry…big boys don’t cry…”) they found a cell where a mutated creature was being dragged into the wall. Termach dragged it out, and they saw a couple of the “pints of evil” and prevented their escape, smiting them to bits. The mutated creature was the warden, and Termach granted him final bisected peace.

All but Termach crawled into the hole in the wall, finding a larger chamber that was the nest of something, with some spiked gauntlets, a bent silver holy symbol of Cyclaria, and (other stuff.) Another tunnel, even narrower, went deeper still. However, there were also buds in the stone wall that looked about the right size to birth the “pints of evil.”

They took the loot and pulled back, realizing that a prisoner’s escape tunnel bisected the lair of some greater evil about two weeks ago, triggering a flood of insanity into the prison. Noth used hopped-up mystic attacks to collapse the tunnel, probably ending the contagion.

The militia returned to the cluster of prisoners they saved, and found others, driving pain and darkness and insanity from them and promising them jail time somewhere else or swift death, depending on whether they behaved or not.

Back to the Surface

They prepared to go back up and hitch extra horses to a wagon they saw, and cart the whole mess four days back to Daggerford. But their adventure was not to end so easily…



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