Daggerford - The Breathing World

Into the Snake Den

Getting Out of the Way

Introductory Scolding and Dismissal

Sherlen was upset with the extra political maneuvering and headaches that came from the prisoner transfer mission. She expressed her displeasure by assigning those involved to menial and hard work. Then she summoned them to her study, and pointedly ignored them for a while, doing paperwork necessitated by their actions, to reinforce to them that they made her life more difficult.

So Izan, Myasma, Noth, Sobri, and Termach waited to be acknowledged. Termach’s insolence did not help their situation, so he shrugged and conceded spokesman and primary decision-maker duties to Izan.

Sherlen explained to them that the problems they caused with the nobles and others were barely balanced out by the usefulness they provided, so they were determined to still be of use in some circumstances. However, the duke was managing a political wedding that was to be in Daggerford, and their presence would be a problem. So, they were encouraged to go find some marginal threat or side errand and deal with that, absenting themselves from the city for a while.

A Plan Emerges

Izan took the strange case he got from the Red Wheel in the last adventure, and took it to a young man who worked in the scriptorum, named Valefar. Valefar solved the puzzle and cracked it open, finding a yuan-ti map inside.

Izan contacted Ramella, a contact with the church of Solastian, who interpreted that the map showed a site a couple days north of the city, near the river. She explained that if it was an abandoned yuan-ti site, it would likely have traps and not be totally abandoned, but it may also have treasure. Izan promised to bring her the valuables they retrieved, if possible, and they parted on good terms.

Meanwhile, Noth gambled with dice, and won substantially over a kiskov sailor named Haleff. Upon hearing about the journey to treasure, he volunteered Haleff’s services with the boat to get them to and from the site.

Haleff had a sailor with him named Granger, and Haleff owed Granger money too. So, in hopes of profit, Granger (a monk) agreed to go with the expedition.

The Snake Den

They found the site, and headed down. The first resistance they encountered was a goblin shaman who cast darkness all around them, and a small swarm of goblins that stabbed in the dark. Valefar’s magic knocked them out, and the shaman was captured, snatched out of time by Izan. He was subsequently interrogated, and he gave some insight into haunted rooms and the black death that waited. He also attempted to attack them with a sack of weasels, that became Noth’s property (and provided hilarity through the rest of the adventure.)

Releasing the shaman and goblins to run off, the invaders continued to explore. They shied away from a massive gold snake statue, instead exploring elsewhere. The princesses slew a ghost that was chucking chairs at the group. They found an animated experimentation table that assaulted Granger, injecting him with weird chemicals that gave him snake eyes and the ability to see in the dark, before it was burst by a magical attack. Izan retrieved a vial from the wreckage, for later inspection.

They found a black pudding in a dining room; Izan drove the amorphousness from it, forcing it into order, and the princesses brought it down.

Returning to the snake statue, Izan could not accept its weird gift because of his faith. So, Granger, Valefar, and Noth did. They were each gifted with a snake tattoo that would grant them passage through strange barriers in the den.

They explored until they found a chamber that channeled energy in, and an energy snake tried to flow in to Izan. He blew it away with divine power, but the rest of the party dragged him out before he could start defacing the summoning chamber.

After some further exploration, they decided to withdraw back to the boat (to make sure their ride was still waiting for them) and strategize on next steps.



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