Daggerford - The Breathing World

Walk the Line

After returning home and receiving the generous reward for recovering the Sun Chalice, the group each went their separate ways for a time.

Izan returned to his duties on the Watch, and while patrolling noticed a peculiar incident. A swarm of bees, with stingy intent racing after a fleeing lad. Izan froze the boy in time to save him from the tiny buzzing menace and pondered how to deal with bees. A strange nature-y dressed man ran up and simple “shoo’d” the bugs away, explaining he was the caretaker of the apiary outside of the city. The man offered a poultice to the boy which seemed to relive the stinging welts, and Izan spent the afternoon with the strange fellow.

Termach scheduled an appointment with the Sun Clerics, revealing that a crazed splinter cult who also happens to follow the Sun God wanted to sacrifice him. Termach wanted to wrangle his new found leverage with the temple to assist getting the crazies off his back. The Sun Temple “master at arms”, a stern and battle worn middle age woman, assured him that they were working on it, implying that some kind of trap was being laid for the cultists. Termach was a bit incensed by the slow pace, but agreed, at least for now, to let them do their thing.

Valefar returned to his home, now littered about with bags of alembics and beakers. Musing that he may need slightly larger accomodations, he went to work unlocking the faerie trapped within the crystal orb. Aided by his strange new ability to understand the Snakey Tongue, he released the little 3in. tall sprite who gave her name as Kayssid. She seemed agreeable and genuinely happy to be realeased, trading a decade and a day of service in return, as well as Valefar’s true name. She also wanted to see the orb smashed, so they climbed up onto the roof where she pushed her prison off, and they watched it satisfyingly shatter.

Workin’ for a livin’
The next day, Valefar traveled to the Emporium, a large block in Daggerford where much of the city’s magical and scientific research and trade took place. Seeking an audience with the alchemists to help get his new stuff set up and gain some training, he met with a mister Behring, a large and outspoken fellow who was the master of the emporium. Behring seemed interested and asked to see the equipment to which Valefar agreed. Valefar also told Behring that his buddies and he ransacked an old Yuan’ti temple. Behring seemed impressed and also had a job in mind as an entrance fee. Valefar agreed and gathered his companions from the last mission to assist.

The Job was to escort a small group through the nearby Black Swamps to gather materials for the potion makers. They explained that this was the time of the year when many otherwise rare ingredients were ready for harvesting. A shokoro shaman, named Sheethen, would accompany the group and lead them down the correct paths throughout his peoples’ homeland. Sheethen seemed like a nice, if scaly, fellow. Izan and Termach agreed to assist as well. The reward for them would be potions and preferred customer status with the Alchemists, while Valefar would get access to lore and training.

Pickin’ Herbs
The group set off the next morning, Sheethan and some alchemy apprentices in tow. Sheethan guided them through the marshlands by way of the ancient pathways used by his people. He explained that the paths were placed long ago, possibly as some type of seal for the area. Valefar chatted him up as they wandered, interested in the magical ramifications of the area.

The first stop were some bushes, ripe with strange berries plump for the picking. As the labor approached, some big mosquito looking insects burst forth out of the shrubbery. Valefar cast his sleep spell knocking out many of the bugs, while Izan and Termach finished up the few stragglers. Berries were picked and the group moved on.

Another stop, this time at a large and ancient tree, blooming with clumps of incandescent white and silver flowers. Once again as the pickers approached, some creatures, perhaps snakes, seemed to writhe angrily among the roots. Using that handy sleep spell once again, Valefar knocked out the snakes allowing the group to pick away. Great success!

Gettin Weird
As they moved through the swamp, the ambiance began to turn darker and drearier. Maintaining the path seemed to tax Sheethan more as they continued along. On the left was a surreal sight: a wrecked and battered sailing ship appeared to be stuck in the swamp. More surprising were the angry and confused ghostly sailors that began flooding out with malicious intent. Izan and Termach formed up, ready to battle the spooky tide. Valefar, caught unaware was briefly dropped as a spectral arrow tore its way through his left shoulder. Before the ghastly host could fully commit, Sheethan pulled out some kind of shamany impliment and banished the ghosts back to their slumber. He explained that they kept the ship there to deter unwelcomed visitors, but he also appeared troubled since the ghosts shouldn’t have attacked them in his presence at all. Termach healed Valefar up and they warily continued.

As they approached the last location, the path began sharply ascending. Yet another strange thing that shouldn’t have been happening. As the alchemists collected the final ingredients: some silky bug cocoons, the group noticed the path ascended to the ruins of a small ancient fort. Sheethan was greatly troubled by this and implored the group to investigate so he could determine if this strange new devilry posed a threat to his people. They ascended up towards the mysterious keep, seeking to reveal it’s secrets.

Opening the doors, the main hall was overgrown with vines and other flora. Ancient ruined heraldry dotted the walls, although the symbols didn’t seem to mean anything to the group and didn’t appear to represent any current Daggerford nobility. The exit to the left contained a moth breeding ground. Littered with cocoons and a few mummified people, perhaps the ancient residents or unfortunate adventurers. Swarms of moths fluttered towards the group, perhaps not openly hostile, but certainly dangerous. They seemed to be made or covered with sharp crystal! Valefar tried to eradicate them with elemental magic, but the swarms were numerous so they shut the door. Termach formed a simple but effective plan where he would open the door, and Valefar would shoot magic into the room trying to clear them out. He first tried fire, but being more aligned with water and wind, it didn’t work so well. He tried a few more times with success using ice and wind and they managed to clear out enough bugs to not pose a threat.

Izan went through and checked some of the mummified corpses, some of which still sat at the dining room table. He found a ring and pendant with a griffon heraldry inset upon them. Taking the trinkets, Izan began forming a plan to masquerade as a noble. The group continued on to a strange art gallery. Valefar realized the room was a strange trap, trying to keep them in that place and time for perhaps eternity. He identified the enchanted painting and managed, with difficulty, to reverse the effect.

The group came to a long hallway, the end of which had a strange etherial guardian who challenged their progress. Thinking quickly, Izan flahed the griffon ring at the guardian who surprisingly recognized it and decided to let them pass. Valefar mused that the previous owners of the ring must have had some magical talent. Another room ahead was webbed with strange, steely, and dangerous threads. Luckily Termach was quite hardy and just plowed his way through the strands. Whatever creature laid its trap here wisely decided to stay hidden.

Angry Tree
The final room had a broken ceiling, sporting a damaged and sick looking tree in the center. Some oily, bubbly, corruptiony looking substance seethed around the poor flora, probably the cause of this whole mess. The tree was no doubt once healthy and glorious. The clerics, wizard, and shaman all recognized that this was the cause of the strange, out of time, castle. Termach and Izan channeled divine power, seeking to both heal the tree and banish the murky corruption respectively. They were successful. A short green woman appeared, hey a dryad! Termach healed the poor girl yet again, and Valefar’s faerie companion assisted in communicating. They had released the strange curse, and received the blessing of the forest. Success!

Snake Den Part 2

While spending the night on the boat, the group found out that the nearby woods were haunted, so they decided to leave Noth, Sobri, and Myasma behind to ensure their transportation stayed safe.

Cave Story
Valefar, Termach, and Izan ventured back into the snakey temple. They headed towards the broken wall past the summoning chamber and discovered a small cave system. A pool of water stood before them and trembled menacingly as the group approached. Termach bravely took a step into the water when a mighty pissed-off water elemental attacked. Termach parried a mighty hit, but felt his precious fluids being drawn away. Valefar cast an ice sorcery, freezing the elemental and just enough of the water to allow Termach to explore the other side of the water, but found nothing but dried out bones.

The three pushed on down the tunnels to discover a strange fungal tree swarming with scarab beetles. Wisely avoiding attention, the group sneaked past the bugs into a chamber littered with loose rock. A snarling wyvern burst forth to repel the invaders and lashed at Termach with a pointy tail. Termach responded by hurling a pointy caltrop at the beast, giving Valefar enough time to explode it into crispy wyvern bites. Towards the back, the group found a tidy haul of silver coins and a mace that resonated similar magic energy as the dissapating lightning behind them.

The group moved towards the final branch of the cave, when Myasma appeared. Ready for murder she rejoined the group. The final cave was strangely unspoiled by the nearby beetle colony and radiated a faint divine energy. An armored fallen warrior kneeled in the central chamber, his body pierced by spears long ago. Termach recognized the holy symbol of the Civilized God upon the knight’s mace and the group gathered some nearby stones and entombed the warrior in a cairn.

It’s Science
The party returned to the temple proper and continued on finding a chamber filled with alchemy equipment and four menacing looking brass golems. As they entered the room the golems awakened and appeared hostile. Valefar smashed a golem with magic and was suprised to find the construct exploded violently upon death.

The remaining golems moved forward and engaged the group. Termach and Myasma engaged the brutes in melee while Izan assissted by warping the flow of time to enhance their speed. Valefar discovered that the room was protected by a counter-spell effect and was unable to bypass the effect to assist with magic.

Two of the golems went down, until the firey explosions overcame Termach and he went down. Myasma quickly tended to his wounds, but Termach was a tough guy and not quite as badly hurt as he appeared. The final golem was destroyed, and the group set about examining the room which appeared to be a lab. Valefar mused that taking some alchemy equipment might be a good investment, and Termach suggested they could spend a few minutes loading up and hauling out everything that wasn’t destroyed. They did.

A strangely bowed and battered door in the corner of the room drew the groups attention. Termach mightily heaved it open where they discovered a ruined room. It appeared that some large creature was perhaps summoned here and smashed its way out of the complex through the cave system. A few glinting objects caught Myasma’s eye and she quickly searched through the rubble of the room to find a few surviving magical objects.

Moving on
At this point the group had explored every hallway and room that was immediately obvious, but it was clear there was still more to this temple. After searching around a bit, Valefar remembered Noth mentioning a magical door in the dining room. Bypassing the secret, they stubled across a kitchen with yet another exit into an unfisihed cave section. Moving into the cave, a couple of little globes of light popped out of a hole and engaged the group with weak mystic attacks. Myasma quickly destroyed them. Valefar believed this could be a wizard training room. The group realized the artifact was unlikely to be here so returned to the complex.

Pushing on they discovered an armory of rusted and useless equipment. Afterwords, they broke into a room that was unusually well maintained and seemed to be untouched by the decay of time that contained many books written in the serpent’s language. Deciding to leave it for now, the group moved into a long hallway. The wall motif’s were becoming more ornate at this point, depicting humans, elves and other lesser races happily serving their yuan’ti masters.

At the end of the hall was a strange reddish elemental creature that charged towards them. Termach found that while its attacks were weak, it seemed to degrade his armor. Myasma’s supernatural connection to her daggers protected them from harm, so she quickly wrecked the rust elemental before it could lay it’s corrosive touch on the group’s gear. Opening the door they were greeted by a bright light and another intricately constructed chamber.

Entering the chamber, they quickly noticed the pure golden chalice sitting upon a dias in the center of the room. Obviously the artifact they had come seeking. Behind the cup, a lone yuan’ti awoke from his meditation and snarled some curses at the group. Briefly taken aback by this old creature’s fearsome power, the group quickly regained their senses and engaged.

The yuan’ti employed some accelerated sorcery to summon a horde of tiny biting snakes and some proper guard-snakes to assist him. Myasma rushed the leader to stab him, while Izan attempted to trap the boss out of time, to let the group deal with the summoned minions. Izan channeled the power of his God into the spell and engaged the boss in a fierce battle of wills. Valefar channeled a sleeping spell at the arena, knocking out the tiny snakes, while Termach tried to keep the larger snake-men busy.

As the boss was distracted by battling with Izan, Myasma tried to stab through the mighy forces holding the yuan’ti out of time. She was successful, and by the time the boss defeated the power of Izan, he was riddled with stab wounds. As the yuan’ti attempted a final casting, Myasma flourished her magical daggers and cut him down. The summoned creatures vanished as the power binding them faded away. Victory!

The huge golden chalice seemed to be filled with liquid sunlight and radiated vast amounts of power. Luckily the cup had a stone lid, for easy transportation and no spills. Although extremely heavy, Termach managed to haul the prize out of the complex. The item was connected to the enchantments of the temple because the magical screens and dwemers of the place began fading when the cup was removed.

The group packed up and floated back to Daggerford. Termach wisely procured a wagon and some straw to hide the artifact as they wheeled it into the temple of the sun. Their contact was thrilled the group had been successful and rewarded them with writs of money and possibly additional favors and assistance.

Into the Snake Den
Getting Out of the Way

Introductory Scolding and Dismissal

Sherlen was upset with the extra political maneuvering and headaches that came from the prisoner transfer mission. She expressed her displeasure by assigning those involved to menial and hard work. Then she summoned them to her study, and pointedly ignored them for a while, doing paperwork necessitated by their actions, to reinforce to them that they made her life more difficult.

So Izan, Myasma, Noth, Sobri, and Termach waited to be acknowledged. Termach’s insolence did not help their situation, so he shrugged and conceded spokesman and primary decision-maker duties to Izan.

Sherlen explained to them that the problems they caused with the nobles and others were barely balanced out by the usefulness they provided, so they were determined to still be of use in some circumstances. However, the duke was managing a political wedding that was to be in Daggerford, and their presence would be a problem. So, they were encouraged to go find some marginal threat or side errand and deal with that, absenting themselves from the city for a while.

A Plan Emerges

Izan took the strange case he got from the Red Wheel in the last adventure, and took it to a young man who worked in the scriptorum, named Valefar. Valefar solved the puzzle and cracked it open, finding a yuan-ti map inside.

Izan contacted Ramella, a contact with the church of Solastian, who interpreted that the map showed a site a couple days north of the city, near the river. She explained that if it was an abandoned yuan-ti site, it would likely have traps and not be totally abandoned, but it may also have treasure. Izan promised to bring her the valuables they retrieved, if possible, and they parted on good terms.

Meanwhile, Noth gambled with dice, and won substantially over a kiskov sailor named Haleff. Upon hearing about the journey to treasure, he volunteered Haleff’s services with the boat to get them to and from the site.

Haleff had a sailor with him named Granger, and Haleff owed Granger money too. So, in hopes of profit, Granger (a monk) agreed to go with the expedition.

The Snake Den

They found the site, and headed down. The first resistance they encountered was a goblin shaman who cast darkness all around them, and a small swarm of goblins that stabbed in the dark. Valefar’s magic knocked them out, and the shaman was captured, snatched out of time by Izan. He was subsequently interrogated, and he gave some insight into haunted rooms and the black death that waited. He also attempted to attack them with a sack of weasels, that became Noth’s property (and provided hilarity through the rest of the adventure.)

Releasing the shaman and goblins to run off, the invaders continued to explore. They shied away from a massive gold snake statue, instead exploring elsewhere. The princesses slew a ghost that was chucking chairs at the group. They found an animated experimentation table that assaulted Granger, injecting him with weird chemicals that gave him snake eyes and the ability to see in the dark, before it was burst by a magical attack. Izan retrieved a vial from the wreckage, for later inspection.

They found a black pudding in a dining room; Izan drove the amorphousness from it, forcing it into order, and the princesses brought it down.

Returning to the snake statue, Izan could not accept its weird gift because of his faith. So, Granger, Valefar, and Noth did. They were each gifted with a snake tattoo that would grant them passage through strange barriers in the den.

They explored until they found a chamber that channeled energy in, and an energy snake tried to flow in to Izan. He blew it away with divine power, but the rest of the party dragged him out before he could start defacing the summoning chamber.

After some further exploration, they decided to withdraw back to the boat (to make sure their ride was still waiting for them) and strategize on next steps.

Prisoner Transfer Part 2
We control all the violence.

Readying for Departure

Termach prepared the 13 prisoners for transfer under Miasma’s watchful eye, with Izan as backup. As he commandeered the wine merchant’s wagon, the wine merchant (Rolthus Gauge) objected strenuously and set his 4 armed guards to defend the wagon. Termach and Izan beat them up with fists, leaving them sprawled and battered and taking the wagon anyway.

They had been sent to get the Chosen of Solastian (Larzun) and Lyle Benedict, and they had that pair, but Termach was not about to leave the rest of the prisoners on this compromised site. He planned to take them back to Daggerford, to be put in other prisons or released if the law decided they had been wrongfully imprisoned.

Termach got a coded ledger from Miasma, and planned to turn that over to the authorities in Daggerford (along with the contents of the safe and any other geegaws that seemed to warrant it.)

Oben Rellus was the son-in-law of the warden, and the warden locked him up. He insisted he was to take command now, as he inherited the site. Termach pointed out he was not going to leave someone who was in a cell in charge of the prison site, and that he would be able to talk to the law in Daggerford and get things straightened out—but not here and now. Larzun, Chosen of Solastian, was surprised by Termach’s inflexibility.

Still, the prisoners were stuffed into the coach and the wagon, and the caravan lurched away into the gathering dusk, traveling a couple hours before making camp.

The Escape

On the trip, Werton Sape and Setheryn Wisk (or something like that) escaped and Noth and Sobri were sent to track them down and return them to Daggerford.

Cyclarian Assault

A crazy Cyclarian woman (Seline, Daughter of Cyclaria) and her zealot man and a handful of toughs confronted the camp in the night, demanding the Chosen of Solastian be remanded to her custody. Termach and Izan stood their ground; while Izan slowed her dramatically, Termach hewed down her zealot. Some of the toughs tried to escape with the woman, but Izan helped speed Termach until he could confront them. The intimidated toughs put up a fight and desperately tried to escape with their leader, but they were foiled. They ran off.

Termach chopped the crazy woman in half, pulled her over with the other dead man, and supervised a pyre burning them down to bones and ash.

Back to Daggerford

The militia had mixed feelings about their return. The outcome of the mission led to bad blood with nobles, but the Solastian temple was pleased by the outcome.

The wizards of Daggerford noted that the rain that settled over the city was not natural, and it could lead to flooding. While they worked to disperse it, the militia assisted with filling sandbags, shoring up low points, managing refugees, and so forth.

To Bowshot

Izan and Termach were asked to go to Liam’s Hold and Bowshot to check the road and bridges, see how things were holding up. Also, to take a box to Feldar Aywin, a trader with the Red Wheel Trading Company that dealt in spices, special requests, and some luxury items. He was a big deal in Bowshot, and could be found there.

They traveled to Liam’s Hold, and from there they encountered a group of leper pilgrams to a Soothotchan holy site in Daggerford. Termach tried unsuccessfully to cleanse their condition. They continued on to Bowshot and arrived as darkness was falling.

The Rescue

Aywin was a leader in Bowshot, and they met him in a back room like a town council chamber in the inn. He explained bandits attacked four days ago, taking his 10 year old daughter Gretchen and her nursemaid. The cargo Izan and Termach brought was gems to pay the ransom—if necessary.

A guide took Termach and Izan out to the site of the battle, and tracked the raiders back to their camp, avoiding punji stick boobytraps along the way.

Izan and Termach crept in close, and Izan tugged three of the guards out of the timestream so Termach could slip in close and cut the bonds on the nursemaid and little girl. As they were escaping, the alarm was raised in the bandit camp, so it turned into a chase through the woods.

Izan noticed something was different about the nursemaid, she could see and move too well in the dark forest. After a brief confrontation revealed nothing more, they continued to the guide, and out to the road for the horses.

As the nursemaid rode on the horse mounted right in front of Izan, he used divine energy to probe at her to explore her too-perfect symmetry, and saw she was a doppleganger. He caught her out of time and rode the horse through her intangible form, bringing her back into the time stream so Termach’s blow could cut her in half. They bagged the pieces and presented them to Aywin upon their return, confirming that the girl was what she appeared to be.

They returned to Daggerford with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Prisoner Transfer
Why can't it ever go smooth?

(Feel free to edit this, as I don’t have every detail and I’m making this as a player.)

The Mission

On a lovely spring day, Lorocc came over to where militiamen were having supper, and tersely told them to come along to receive orders for a mission. Izan, Myasma, Sobri, and Termach answered the call.

They went to meet Schick, a nobleman from Stonehaven in charge of the prison near the Daggerford castle. He gave the militia sealed orders and a sack of gold to go effect a prisoner transfer from a prison vinyard. (He also refused to share the special wine he was going on about from that very vinyard, which didn’t seem very hospitable.)

The militia commandeered a coach, horses for everyone, and another militiaman Jimmy, son of Oll, who had orange hair and freckles (and knew how to drive the coach.) Also, horse caltrops.

The Long Road

It took four days to get there. The first night was camping at a campsite, the second was a coaching inn, the third another campsite (and a brush with escaping spiders on the road) and then the prison itself.

The prison was run-down and shady, but jailors are seldom inspired to the heights of personal hygiene or high morale. Another authority figure that refused to share the wine, then the militia headed for the depths.

The group was split three ways by now; Myasma and Jimmy with the horses, Sobri and Izan at the top of the lift, and Noth and Termach headed down to the depths to retrieve the two prisoners.

The Inevitable Deterioration of the Situation

Termach noted with satisfaction that there were many bottles of the special wine down below. He and Noth went to collect the prisoners, noting the glowing orbs set in the wall for light. Tossing the desk, they found two healing potions and (something else.)

They quickly discovered things had gone wrong down below as they were attacked by crazed and dying prisoners that Termach hewed down without hesitation (one was already disemboweled, it seemed a mercy.)

Rather than sussing out the details with just two of them, they returned to the surface. However, the elevator was not working, and Mr. Fine (the guard that led them to the elevator) fled and locked the door.

Undeterred, Termach bent the bars on the roof of the elevator cage, and climbed out carrying the weedy kiskov. Then he battered down the door. Sobri and Noth chased Mr. Fine down while Termach and Izan hauled the elevator back up so nothing else could climb out. (The buddy system was very much in place.) Noth bound the terrified lackey in crimson magics, and he sang like a canary.

Mr. Fine turned out to be a prisoner, he explained they had a breakout and locked up the prison guards with the plan of doing a little business with the wine before making their escape. But something went wrong down below. Something went wrong two weeks ago. And the fat guy hanging out with the warden was a wine merchant, one that the prisoners hoped to do business with to make some cash to ease their eventual escape.

Meanwhile, the “warden” and his best thug went after Jimmy and Maya, and she knifed the warden down and rode down the feeble escape attempt of the tough guy, slashing him to death. The warden was stabilized for questioning and whatever else seemed appropriate.

The sealed instructions from the warden indicated that they were to retrieve the Chosen of Solastian, a wanderer who spoke truth and prophecy to power and was therefore imprisoned, and Lyle Benedict.

Back to the Deeps

The militia left Myasma with Jimmy and the horses and the prisoners, then headed back down to the deeps. Termach lowered the bent cage, then climbed down the chain to join them.

They found a prisoner whose legs had been amputated; he was trying to escape by letting them get gangrenous, but since he was to be executed, they were cut off instead. Termach healed him and eased his pain (though he did not regrow his legs) and his cell was a focal point. They found another lucid prisoner, and an imprisoned surgeon (who did the amputating) and armed them, charging them with mutual protection.

They also saw a foot-high creature that seemed somehow associated with the dismal despair and deteriorating sanity in the prison, and as Izan slowed time around the critter Termach pulped it. They were on the lookout for more half-pint monsters.

Termach prayed to infuse his holy weapon to search for other holy power, and they followed it to a cage with the Chosen of Solastian in it. Termach recharged his divine energy, and they pursued the source of the contagion in the prison.

Past chanting prisoners (“Big boys don’t cry…big boys don’t cry…”) they found a cell where a mutated creature was being dragged into the wall. Termach dragged it out, and they saw a couple of the “pints of evil” and prevented their escape, smiting them to bits. The mutated creature was the warden, and Termach granted him final bisected peace.

All but Termach crawled into the hole in the wall, finding a larger chamber that was the nest of something, with some spiked gauntlets, a bent silver holy symbol of Cyclaria, and (other stuff.) Another tunnel, even narrower, went deeper still. However, there were also buds in the stone wall that looked about the right size to birth the “pints of evil.”

They took the loot and pulled back, realizing that a prisoner’s escape tunnel bisected the lair of some greater evil about two weeks ago, triggering a flood of insanity into the prison. Noth used hopped-up mystic attacks to collapse the tunnel, probably ending the contagion.

The militia returned to the cluster of prisoners they saved, and found others, driving pain and darkness and insanity from them and promising them jail time somewhere else or swift death, depending on whether they behaved or not.

Back to the Surface

They prepared to go back up and hitch extra horses to a wagon they saw, and cart the whole mess four days back to Daggerford. But their adventure was not to end so easily…

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