Welcome to the Daggerford Campaign

(Check out the wiki page for a virtual copy of the players guide a map of the city and background notes.)

Welcome to Daggerford.

Within the breathing world is a realm and within it, the Feol Kingdoms; also known as the Kingdom of Wolves or the Feolands. It is a realm in recovery, having been taken back from the children of dragons the Yan-ti.

Many races banded together to drive out these dire creatures. Once they ruled the land from their shadowed lairs, now they are all but gone. The kingdom has recovered, trade flows, crops are grown and most cities have been rebuilt.

Daggerford is one of these cities. It is a fringe community on the southernmost edge of the Feolands. Once a just a large walled town, it has survived hardship and near ruin. Fortune has favored Daggerford and the city is making the most of the opportunity. Rebuilding continues throughout the city, new industry has been coaxed within. Originally a farming based community, it continues as well as becoming the hub of new trade routes and specializing industry.

It is a city of new opportunities. Some have come seeking to make their fortunes, some came for security and others have arrived to escape their old life and trying to make a new one. All have an opportunity to prosper as long as they keep the piece and follow the laws.

One of which is for serving in the militia. As large as Daggerford is, they don’t have an army large enough to serve it properly so the continuing tradition of the militia continues. All citizens or those staying here more that a few weeks are required to serve in the milita on a rotating basis. Training in basic weapons is provided. This serves dual purposes as the population is trained to defend themselves as well as provide additional support for the community. Those who do not wish to serve may pay for the training of others in the militia

This will be where your characters will begin. You may either know each other or not. You may choose to be serving in the militia on a rotating basis or have a short term contract, for this you will have a small residence and receive a small stypent. Any race listed in the handbook is available as well as any class. Those with supernatural backgrounds or training should take care, magic is not uncommon but vulgar displays of power are not well tolerated.

The predominant faith of the community is Solastian, the god of the sun and Soothocha the god of wounds. Other faiths are welcome and tolerated but visiting clerics should beware of poaching followers of other faiths. The city is pleased with the religious orders within its walls and is resistant to outsiders trying to change the doctrine of their faiths that has served them well over the years.

Check out the wiki page for a virtual copy of the players guide a map of the city and background notes.

Daggerford - The Breathing World

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